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Boiler servicing based in Walsall

Offering boiler servicing throughout Stafford, Walsall, Cannock and the surrounding areas.

Schedule your annual boiler service with Home Heating Solutions. Our comprehensive boiler servicing is designed to keep your boiler system in good working order and to help prevent future issues. A boiler service is required to keep your home and boiler system safe and efficient, as well as to maintain any manufacturer's warranty. Call 01922 662840 or use our website's contact form to schedule your yearly boiler inspection.

Boiler Servicing in Walsall, Cannock & Stafford

Let us give your boiler a new lease of life

Older boiler systems are notorious for their short life spans and prone to developing small faults. When these initial signs of deterioration are ignored, small faults in your boiler can become major defects, potentially leaving you without hot water or heating. Home Heating Solutions offer boiler servicing and repairs to help keep your boiler in the very best condition for a long time. We also carry out safety checks to ensure your boiler is safe and in full working condition.

In addition to boiler servicing, we also offer central heating installations, gas appliance fittings, landlord safety certificates and more. Get in touch with our engineers today.

Why should I service my boiler in Walsall? 

Once a year, your boiler should be serviced. This not only ensures that it will continue to function correctly and safely for the next year, but it also validates any manufacturer's warranties you may have on your boiler. Regular boiler maintenance lowers the likelihood of a breakdown and increases the life of your boiler. 

The services provided by boilers keep you and your family safe and healthy. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur in anyone who has fuel-burning equipment in their home. Most people are unaware they are being poisoned because this lethal gas has no odour, colour, or taste. Annual boiler maintenance ensures that the fuel is used safely and efficiently, reducing your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

For the elderly, the frail, and those with small children, having a working boiler is critical in the coming colder months. While most people find a broken boiler inconvenient, for others, a lack of heat and hot water can have serious health and financial consequences. 

Everyone, not just homeowners, must keep their boilers in good working order. Landlords must obtain a gas safety certificate and ensure that their boilers are operating safely. A boiler service is required once a year and is a low-cost piece of maintenance to perform.

The Advantages of Annual Boiler Servicing

Servicing your boiler once a year can give you a variety of advantages and benefits. It is widely recommended by heating specialists and boiler manufacturers alike, and it is an essential part of keeping a safe and healthy boiler. The primary reasons to schedule a boiler service are as follows:

 Extend the life of your boiler system. 

A boiler service reduces wear and tear on your boiler system's components and increases its lifespan. You can save the cost of a new boiler by keeping your boiler in good working order. 

 Reduce your monthly spending. 

A boiler service will improve the efficiency of your boiler, saving your costs and slowing its depreciation over time.

 Maintain your boiler's manufacturer's warranty. 

Most extended warranties will require you to do an annual boiler service to ensure that your boiler system is in good working order. 

 Avoid more costly problems in the future. 

A boiler inspection performed by a heating specialist can help diagnose and prevent any potential problems with your boiler. This can help to reduce the likelihood of a boiler malfunction or fault, but if you do require boiler repair in the future, we can assist!

 It is mandatory for landlords to service boilers. 

As a landlord, you are responsible for your renters' safety, thus you must have all gas appliances serviced by a gas safe expert once a year. The tenants must be given a gas safety certificate and informed of any changes made to the appliances in their home.

When should my boiler be serviced? 

Boilers must be serviced once a year, even if they come with a warranty and insurance. If you are a landlord, you must service all gas appliances in your property whenever a new tenant moves in and provide them with a copy of a Gas Safe certificate. 

Also, getting your boiler serviced is the ideal time to schedule your service because it ensures that your boiler is ready for the winter season and has fewer chances of breaking down on you, especially when you need it the most. 

You must ensure that the heating engineer you hire to service your boiler is Gas Safe registered.

Why choose us?

  • Local heating and plumbing company 
  • Highly competitive prices 
  • Free quotes and professional advice 
  • Experienced plumbers and engineers 
  • Friendly and responsive staff 
  • 24-hour call-out service 
  • Gas Safe registered engineers

Rely on Home Heating Solutions' Gas Safe engineers for professional boiler servicing

We've been doing safe boiler servicing for years, throughout Walsall, Cannock and Stafford and have a solid reputation as a reliable heating and plumbing company. We take pride in providing excellent boiler maintenance while also keeping our customers informed. We are always upfront with our customers about the cost of their boiler service and make certain that they are receiving fair and competitive pricing. 

See what our customers have to say about our boiler servicing by reading our reviews.

Boiler Servicing FAQs

How often should I service my boiler?

It's recommended to service your boiler annually to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Can I service my boiler myself?

While basic maintenance tasks such as bleeding radiators can be done DIY, it's essential to hire a qualified professional for comprehensive servicing to ensure safety and compliance.

Is boiler servicing expensive?

The cost of boiler servicing varies depending on factors such as the type of boiler and the extent of maintenance required. However, considering the potential savings on energy bills and repair costs, it's a worthwhile investment.

What are the consequences of neglecting boiler servicing?

Neglecting boiler servicing can lead to reduced efficiency, increased energy bills, breakdowns, and safety hazards such as gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Can boiler servicing prevent breakdowns?

Regular servicing helps identify and address potential issues before they escalate, reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

How long does a boiler servicing appointment take?

The duration of a boiler servicing appointment can vary depending on factors such as the type and condition of the boiler. Typically, it takes around one to two hours for a thorough inspection and maintenance.

Make an appointment for boiler service in Walsall today! 

Call Home Heating Solutions at 01922 662840 or use our quick contact form to learn more about our boiler servicing. Home Heating Solutions services boilers in Walsall, Stafford, and Cannock.

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