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Unvented Hot Water Cylinder

Unvented hot water cylinders across Walsall, Stafford & Cannock.

Our team install unvented hot water cylinders across Walsall, Stafford & Cannock. Are you looking to swap to an unvented system? Or do you need to swap the unvented cylinder you already have? Whatever you need, we are happy to help you out with! To get in touch, call us on 01922 662840 or check out our contact details down below.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder in Walsall, Stafford & Cannock

What is an unvented hot water cylinder?

Unvented hot water cylinders are a type of water heating system that have gained popularity for their efficiency and reliability. Unlike traditional vented cylinders, unvented cylinders don't rely on a cold water storage tank. Instead, they directly heat and distribute hot water throughout your home, providing consistent water pressure and temperature.

Types of Unvented Cylinders

1. Direct Unvented Cylinder

In a direct unvented cylinder, an electric immersion heater or a gas boiler directly heats the water within the cylinder. This type is suitable for homes without a gas supply.

2. Indirect Unvented Cylinder

Indirect cylinders use a coil or heat exchanger connected to a central heating system to heat the water. They are ideal for homes with a gas boiler or other heat source.

Benefits of an Unvented Hot Water Cylinder

High water pressure

High water pressure is typically provided throughout the home by unvented hot water cylinders. Unvented cylinders use mains pressure, as opposed to conventional vented systems, which use gravity to distribute water. This results in a strong and steady flow of hot water to faucets, showers, and appliances. This guarantees a better showering and bathing experience, particularly in houses with several bathrooms.


The efficient heating of unsvented hot water cylinders ensures prompt and dependable access to hot water. These cylinders can heat water quickly and do away with the need for a separate cold water storage tank because they have direct connections to the mains. 

Because of their energy-saving capabilities and guaranteed availability of hot water, unvented systems are especially well-suited for family households. You can speak to a gas engineer in Cannock, Stafford, Walsall and the surrounding areas to learn more by calling us on 07950 062 756.

Better water quality

Because unvented hot water cylinders are sealed systems, outside contaminants cannot contaminate them. The water quality stays high when it isn't exposed to air or debris, making the hot water safer and cleaner. This guarantees that the water supplied through faucets and showers satisfies strict hygienic requirements, which is especially advantageous for homes where water purity is an issue.

No freezing issues

Unvented hot water cylinders are less likely to freeze in cold weather than vented systems with external water tanks, which are vulnerable to freezing. This is due to the fact that they do not depend on an outside tank that is weather-exposed. Unvented systems are more reliable because they are not susceptible to freezing temperatures, which is especially important in areas where winter temperatures can drop dramatically.

Space saving

One major benefit of unvented hot water cylinders is their small size and space-saving design, which is particularly useful for properties with limited space. Unvented cylinders can be installed anywhere, even in loft spaces or airing cupboards, unlike vented systems that need extra room for cold water storage tanks. Homeowners can maximise their available space without sacrificing the amount of hot water that can be produced thanks to this placement flexibility.

Why choose our team?

We have years of experience with unvented cylinders and gas work, so we know exactly how to get the job done right the first time! We know how annoying it can be when the gas work in your home doesn't run as it should, so we guarantee your satisfaction with every job.

The service we offer is professional, but we know heating is a personal issue that is different for each home, so we work with you closely to ensure you are getting the right product installed in your home. As well as this, we are flexible with our call-outs and installations, being able to fit any schedule!

And, of course, we are a fully qualified and gas safe engineers!

Need an unvented hot water cylinder installed in Walsall, Stafford or Cannock?

Our team install unvented hot water cylinders across Walsall, Stafford & Cannock.  Is it time you upgraded the water cylinder in your home? Why not make the switch with our team? We offer great customer service and free quotes, so get in touch today to find out more! Give us a call on 01922 662840 or email us at homeheatingwalsall@gmail.com.  We hope to hear from you soon!

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